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Grain Legumes, Oilseeds and Fibres
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Soils and Agricultural Engineering
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Technical Services
   The research and advisory activities of DARTS are organized into seven commodity groups. Each commodity group is headed by a National Research Coordinator (NRC). Within each commodity group, there are several commodity teams, each headed by a Commodity Team leader (CTL). The CTL is responsible to the NRC who reports to the Director at headquarters through Deputy Directors for Research Programmes and Technical Services and Administration. Goals, objectives and research priorities for each commodity team are defined by DARTS, while the identification of research projects is the responsibility of the individual team members. Identified projects are discussed by the commodity group at annual in-house research meetings before being presented to the Agricultural Research Council (ARC) for approval.

DARTS conducts research in all agricultural and related fields through seven research-oriented commodity groups: 
(i) Cereals, (ii) Grain Legumes, Oilseeds and Fibres, (iii) Horticulture, (iv) Livestock and Pastures, and (v) Soils and Agricultural Engineering, (vi) Technical Services, and (vii) Plant Protection and Quarantine. 

In addition to the research-related activities, DARTS also provides technical advisory services in the fields of: crops, livestock, farming systems, agroforestry, plant protection and quarantine, regulatory services, soil surveys, soil management, seed services, soil and plant analyses, statistical analyses, fertilizer recommendations, library services, farm machinery, agricultural engineering and crop plant preservation. There are two service-oriented commodity groups: Technical Services, and Plant Protection and Quarantine.These commodity groups also conduct research to address farmers' problems in many areas including: seed production, storage, pests and diseases, conservation of plant genetic resources, biological control, plant protection, crop varieties, soil fertility and livestock production.


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