Department of Agricultural Research and Technical Services (DARTS)

  Technical Services Commodity Group

  The Technical Services Commodity Group comprises three commodity teams: 

The Group’s activities are coordinated from Chitedze. Chitedze is also the headquarters of the DARTS library system and houses the main library that serves as the focal point for acquiring, processing and distributing books, journals and other material to libraries in the country. It also has an extensive in-house and external databases that are mostly on stand-alone networked systems, maintaining a bibliographic database of over 70,000 references in agriculture. The group also runs an ISTA accredited seed services laboratory that provides inspection and testing services for the production of all seeds beyond breeder seed for seed companies and other growers. In addition, there is a section that facilitates statistical designs, socio-economic analyses and data processing.

The group’s main activities include: monitoring seed quality; collection and maintanance of plant genetic resources; developing and organizing a large collection of literature and information on agriculture; providing advice on statistical designs, analysis and socio-economic evaluations to researchers.


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