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  Horticulture Commodity Group

  The Horticulture Commodity Group comprise three commodity teams: 

This commodity covers a whole range of crops including all fruits, leafy and fruit vegetables, sweetpotato and cassava among many others. Research is focused on testing varieties for adaptability, yield and quality; developing suitable agronomic practices for improved productivity; developing post harvest handling techniques that will add value to produce; developing technologies for the control of economic pests and diseases; developing techniques for vegetative propagation of fruit and nut trees, and determining appropriate processing techniques.

Research is coordinated from Bvumbwe, with some activities centred at Lunyangwa and Mkondezi, where facilities exists for propagation and greenhouse growth. These stations also have tissue culture facilities for screening planting materials against viruses and for propagation. The group works closely with CIP on irish potatoes, AVRDC on vegetables, IITA/SARRNET on sweetpotato and cassava, and INIBAP on bananas and plantains.


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