Department of Agricultural Research and Technical Services (DARTS)

  Plant Protection and Quarantine Services Commodity Group

  The Plant Protection and Quarantine Services Commodity Group comprise four Commodity Teams: 

The group is coordinated from Bvumbwe and conducts research on the control of pests and diseases for all crops. It focuses on field pests and diseases; migratory pests; release of biological control agents; evaluations of chemicals for the control of pests and diseases; crop storage, and weed control. The group also offers extensive services on quarantine and inspection of agricultural imports and exports at all border points; pest and disease identification; and control of migratory pests.

The commodity group has introduced another commodity team to deal with pesticide registration and control schemes with its own board, the Pesticides Control Board (PCB). This board will eventually be detached from the ministry to be semi-autonomous body.


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