MALAWI COMMUNICATIONS SECTOR POLICY 1998                                                                     MALAWI SDNP
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Executive Summary

1.0     Policy Aims

1.1     Telecommunications
1.2     Postal Services
1.3     Broadcasting
1.4     Radio Frequency Spectrum

2.0     Sector Strategy

2.1     Telecommunications

2.1.1   Malawi Telecom As A National Operator
2.1.2   Commercialisation Of MPTC
2.1.3   Strategic Partner For Malawi Telecom
2,1.4   Floating Of Malawi Telecom
2.1.5   Finance And Tariffs

2.1.6   Telecommunications Liberalisation       National Network Operation       Local Operators       Cable TV Networks       Non Basic Telecommunications Service Providers
                   {  Data, Internet, And Other Value Added Services, Service Providers }       Mobile Radio Service Providers       Private Networks       VSAT Networks       Telephone Service Providers

2.2    Postal Services

2.3    Broadcasting

2.3.1  Regulation Of Broadcasting
2.3.2  Code Of Conduct For Broadcasters
2.3.3  MBC's Role As National Public Broadcasting Service
2.3.4  TV Malawi
2.3.5  External Broadcast Services

2.4    Radio Frequency Spectrum

2.4.1  National Frequency Spectrum Plan
2.4.2  Allocation Of Radio Frequency Spectrum
2.4.3  Assignment Of Radio Frequencies
2.4.4  Rules And Regulations
2.4.5  Database Management Of The Spectrum
2.4.6  Licensing, Assignment And Administration
2.4.7  Spectrum Monitoring

3.0    Reform Of Regulatory Arrangements
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