MALAWI COMMUNICATIONS SECTOR POLICY 1998                                                                        MALAWI SDNP
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This statement sets out a National Policy for the development of communications services, covering telecommunications, postal and broadcasting services. Central to this policy will be the growing contribution of communications to the social and economic development of Malawi and to the reduction of disparities between urban and rural areas. In relation to all
these forms of communications, the fundamental aim of the Malawi Government, through the Ministry of Information which is responsible for the Communications Sector, is to ensure that the full range of modern services is accessible by all the population of Malawi.

To achieve this aim, it is necessary to accelerate the rate of investment in infrastructure, to focus the efforts of service providers more closely on the needs of users and to re-organise the existing institutions in the sector so that they are better equipped to meet the challenges that lie ahead.

To harmonise operations in the sector, the Malawi Government will establish a regulatory authority - Malawi Communications Regulatory Authority (MACRA) - to regulate telecommunications, posts, broadcasting and the radio
frequency spectrum.

Policy aims sections are as follows:

1.1     Telecommunications
1.2     Postal Services
1.3     Broadcasting
1.4     Radio Frequency Spectrum

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