MALAWI COMMUNICATIONS SECTOR POLICY 1998                                                                        MALAWI SDNP
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The radio frequency spectrum is a vital national asset and a scarce resource that should be utilised in the interest of the Malawi nation in conformity with the international treaties and conventions to which Malawi subscribes.

It is therefore necessary to have an efficient mechanism for regulating, administering, controlling, monitoring and enfordng proper use of the radio frequency spectrum in order to maximise spectrum usage and prevent interference.

To achieve these aims, MACRA will -

(a)    manage the radio frequency spectrum;

(b)    allocate the radio frequency spectrum among alternative users;

(c)    co-ordinate the radio frequencies locally and internationally;

(d)    set rules and regulations governing the radio frequencies;

(e)    license, assign and administer the radio frequencies;

(f)    monitor the radio frequency spectrum; and

(g)    set and collect fees for the use of radio frequencies.

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