MALAWI COMMUNICATIONS SECTOR POLICY 1998                                                                     MALAWI SDNP
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Strategy:  2.3 BROADCASTING

2.3.1 Regulation of Broadcasting

MBC will give up its regulatory functions in order to concentrate on its operational function as a public broadcaster. Like Malawi Telecom, MBC will in future be expected to conduct its operations commercially under a licence
to be issued by MACRA and containing service obligations.

The regulation of broadcasting in Malawi should make provision for the development of public, private and community broadcasting services, which are responsive to the needs of the public.

Public Broadcasting Services are those provided by MBC on the basis of statute, or by others if they also accept comparable service obligations.

Private Broadcasting Services are other broadcasting services provided for profit.

Community Broadcasting Services are broadcasting services which serve a particular community and are not for profit. A community includes a geographically fbunded community and a group of people in Malawi who have a specific common interest.

All sound and TV broadcasting licences will be issued by MACRA.

2.3.2 Code of Conduct for Broadcasters

The regulation of broadcasting will include the application of rules and
regulations to which all broadcasting service providers have to comply.
These rules will

2.3.3 MBC's Role As National Public Broadcasting Service

The objective is that the broadcasting services provided by MBC should be accessible to the whole population of Malawi.

MBC should provide broadcasting services  that inform, educate and entertain, and which represent Malawi to the World and to observe the principles and norms of a democracy.
To guarantee its character as the national public broadcaster, MBCs Bciard of Directors will be appointed by the President in accordance with the provisions of the Communications Act, 1998.

2.3.4 TV Malawi

As MBC is the national public broadcasting service provider, it is desirable that both radio and television public broadcasting services fall under its responsibility.
Accordingly, as part of the restructuring process of the MPTC, the TV project will be transferred to MBC.
MBC will seek all possible forms of financefor the TV Malawi, including both debt and equity. In addition, provision is made in the Communications Bill, 1998 for levying television licence fees to help finance TV Malawi.
While radio broadcasting will be liberalised immediately, M8C will be allowed a period of exclusivity for seven years for terrestrial Television Broadcasting, to permit a return on capital investment.
2.3.5 External Broadcast Services

Where external broadcasting signals are-

 such services shall be offered under licence issued by MACRA.
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