List of Tables
Table 1.0 The nature and scope of legislation review required
Table 1.1 Statues and legislation on environment and natural resources sectors requiring reform
Table 2.1 Total Population and Inter-Census Growth Rate 1966-1987
Table 3.1 Amount of firewood used for curing tobacco by estates in Malawi per annum
Table 3.2 Soil and yield loss on gross arable land in Agriculture Development
Table 4.1 Habitat types in Malawi
Table 4.2 Forest cover by Districts with land area and population densities
Table 4.3 Fire damage in timber plantations in 1995
Table 4.4 Encroachment in Forest Reserves, National Parks and Wildlife Reserves
Table 4.5 Private and local authority ownership of plantation forest in Malawi in 1997
Table 4.6 Forest Plantation in Malawi 
Table 6.1 Surface runoff from major catchment areas
Table 7.1 Distribution of plant species in Malawi by district
Table 7.2 National Parks and Wildlife Reserves in Malawi
Table 7.3 Big mammals of Malawi, location and conservation status
Table 7.4 Modern varieties of each of the various crop species being grown in Malawi
Table 7.5 Percentage of households with land-holdings of less than 0.5 hectares in Malawi
Table 7.6 Trends in Population densities and degree of encroachment around National Parks and Wildlife Reserves by regions in Malawi
Table 7.7 Number of agricultural germplasm conserved in the gene bank at Chitedze
Table 7.9 Quantities and values of hippo teeth
Table 8.1 Permanent Houses built in Lilongwe city
Table 8.2 Access to adequate sanitation and Pit Latrines
Table 8.3 Solid waste generation rate 1995
Table 8.5 Use and accessibility of safe water, by region and residence
Table 9.1 Adaptation strategies to mitigate climate changes

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