This is the first State of the Environment Report (SOER) ever to be produced in Malawi as a requirement of the Environment Management Act, 1996. The contribution of many individuals and organisations in the preparation of the report is very much appreciated and acknowledged. 

The preparation of this report was co-ordinated by the Environmental Affairs Department, and the Department wishes to express its gratitude to the Chairman and all members of the National Council for the Environment (NCE) as well as to members of the Technical Committee on the Environment (TCE) for the guidance and useful comments they made during the preparation of the report. 

The Department also wishes to recognise the contribution of Mr. Joseph Jonazi of Bunda College of Agriculture in the preparation of graphics contained in this report. The contribution made by several government organisations, parastatal, private and non- governmental organisations is gratefully acknowledged. 

The technical assistance provided by the Danish Consultancy firm, RAMBOLL, was very valuable, and their contribution is also greatly appreciated and acknowledged. 

Finally, the Department wishes to recognise the assistance provided by the Royal Danish Embassy (Danida), in particular Counsellor Mogens Laumand Christensen in the preparation of this report. 

In order to improve the production and quality of subsequent reports, the Department welcomes any comments and suggestions including other areas of concern that the current report may not have covered adequately. 

R P Kabwaza
Director of Environmental Affairs

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