List of Figures
Fig 2.1 Composition of GDP by sector of origin in Malawi 1973-1994
Fig 2.2 Share of Agriculture in GDP, 1990-95
Fig 2.3 Exchange rates for the Malawi Kwacha against the US$ 1985-98
Fig 2.4 Budget allocations to different sectors 1992/93-1996/97
Fig 2.5 Total External debt 
Fig 2.6 Human Poverty Index (HPI)
Fig 2.7 Human Poverty Indices (HPI) in Malawi, 1995
Fig 3.1 Percentage of Malawi's Land within different Land Tenure Systems
Fig 3.2 Average holding size by household
Fig 4.1 Coverage and extent of forests in Malawi as at 1991
Fig 4.2 Sources of fuelwood supply for energy purposes
Fig 4.3 Types of fuelwood demand in Malawi
Fig 4.4 Deforestation between 1972 and 1992
Fig 4.5 Livestock population in Malawi (1986-1993)
Fig 5.1 National fish supply
Fig 5.2 National fish availability per capita
Fig 5.3 National trends in Chambo, Usipa, Utaka and Kampango catches
Fig 5.4 Trends in Chambo stocks in Lake Malombe
Fig 5.5 Total aquaculture production in Malawi
Fig 6.1 Water consumption in Malawi
Fig 6.2 Lake Malawi levels for the past 100 years
Fig 6.3 Turgidity of Kamuzu Dam II
Fig 6.4 Number of Boreholes drilled between 1992 and 1996
Fig 6.5(a) Investments in Hydro power generation over the years
Fig 6.5(b) Investments in other water sectors
Fig 7.1 Trends in Nyala population in Lengwe National Park
Fig 7.2 Trends in the Population of some selected species in Malawi
Fig 7.3 Trends in the number of crocodiles killed due to conflicts with people in Malawi
Fig 7.4 Trends in the number of ornamental aquarium fish exported from Lake Malawi
Fig 7.6 Number of crocodile skins exported from Malawi
Fig 7.7(a) Quantity of Ivory sold to Malawian carvers and exported per year
Fig 7.7(b) Corresponding values of ivory sold to Malawi carvers and exported per year
Fig 8.1 Percentage distribution of population in rural and urban areas at regional and selected districts level in 1977 and 1987
Fig 8.2 Number of applications on waiting list for permanent houses in Lilongwe city
Fig 8.3 Annual waste collection in Lilongwe
Fig 9.1 Annual rainfall anomalies over a thirty period
Fig 9.2 Annual maximum temperature anomalies
Fig 9.3 Seasonal anomalies for onset of rain
Fig 9.4 Sectoral contributions of carbon dioxide emissions in Malawi in 1980
Fig 9.5 Sectoral contributions of ammonia emissions in Malawi in 1990
Fig 9.6 Greenhouse gases percent emissions by sector in Malawi, in TCO2E

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