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a) Taxonomic research. On going research in this field includes:
  • A range-wide taxonomic revision of the genus (Brachystegia caesalpinioideae- Leguminosae). The project attempts to produce the first monograph of the genus and is being undertaken by Augustine Chikuni.
  • A taxonomic study of Pycreus (Cyperaceae). Aubrey Banda, in conjunction with scientists at Kew Gardens in England, is carrying out this work.

  • b) Ethnobotanical surveys: 
  • One of the major objectives of the NHBG is to conduct research on economic botany and to encourage sustainable utilization of plant resources. The following are some of research topics, which directly relate to this objective.
  • Medicinal plants and biodiversity in Malawi. This project was funded by IDRC (1994-1998) and was headed by Montfort Mwanyambo. The final report is available at the NHBG library.
  • Documentation and assessment of the efficacy of botanical pesticides. Considering that synthetic pesticides are expensive to buy and apply especially to smallholders farmers Augustine Chikuni has been assessing the efficacy of plant extracts in crop protection.
  • Ethnobotanical study of medicinal plants used in maternal and child health. This is Cecilia Maliwichi’s M.Sc. research topic who is in her first year at Chancellor College Biology Department.

  • c) Conservation and sustainable utilisation of plant resources
  • Management of biodiversity in protected areas. This project is funded by GTZ and is being coordinated by Dickson Kamundi.

  • d) Vegetation surveys:
    The National Herbarium mainly conducts vegetation surveys as part of Environmental Impact Assessments.

    Major Publications by the NHBG
  • Seyani J.H. & Chikuni, A.C., 1994 (editors). Proceedings of the 13th AETFAT congress. National Herbarium & Botanic Gardens. The proceedings are being sold at £100.00 for non-AETFAT members and £80.00 for members.
  • Banda E.A.K. & Morris, B., 1986. Common weeds of Malawi. University of Malawi. A limited number of copies are available at the NHBG for £3.00 each.
  • Binns, B., 1972. Dictionary of plant names in Malawi. Government Printer, Zomba. This book is being sold at £2.00 each.

  • Collaboration
  • The NHBG has institutional links with Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, United Kingdom. Under this link the two institutions have achieved a well-established relationships of scientific and technical co-operation.

  • The NHBG also collaborates with botanical institutions in southern Africa under the SABONET (Southern Africa Botanical Diversity Network) programmes. Under SABONET programmes the NHBG has acquired research equipment and the staff have been trained in various botanical subjects. Furthermore, under SABONET programmes there are proposals to establish links between NHBG’s botanic gardens and NBI (National Botanical Institute) of South Africa.

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