The National Herbarium & Botanic Gardens  Headquarters, PO Box 528, Zomba, Malawi
Tel. (265) 523388, Fax; (265) 522108; Email

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NHBG has over 85 permanent staff distributed into three departments: Herbarium, Botanic Gardens and Administration. The following list includes key staff only.

Herbarium Department
  • Dickson A. Kamundi, Officer-In-Charge & Scientific Officer
  • Montfort L. Mwanyambo, Scientific Officer
  • Aubrey Kalonga-Banda, Scientific Officer
  • Cecilia P. Maliwichi, Assistant Scientific Officer
  • Elizabeth B. Mwafongo, Assistant Scientific Officer
  • Augustine C. Chikuni, Scientific Officer

Botanic Gardens Department
  • Mphamba W. Kumwenda, Curator of Botanic Gardens
  • Lloyd Nkoloma, Senior Assistant Curator of Botanic Gardens
  • Ignacious Malota, Assistant Curator (based at Lilongwe Botanic Gardens)

Administration Department
  • Henry C. Chiwaya, Financial Controller
Contact addresses
National Herbarium & Botanic Gardens Headquarters, PO Box 528, Zomba, Malawi.
Tel. (265) 523388, 
Fax; (265) 522108; 

Lilongwe Botanic Garden, PO Box 30766, Lilongwe. Tel. (265) 730275, 
Fax (265) 730 275.

Mzuzu Botanic Garden, PO Box 689, Mzuzu. 
Mzuzu Botanic Garden can also be contacted through the Regional Forestry Office in Mzuzu.
Tel. (265) 332 000.

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