Folkekirkens Nodhjælp


Preliminary Report on the Malawian Parliamentary and Presidential election

In light of the foregoing we adjudge the elections to have been free and unfair in terms of the SADC norms and standards on elections.

The elections have been free in the sense that the debate between the public and the administration has been open and there has been no threats from police or military - i.e. there has been freedom of speech.

The MEC put serious efforts into planning the practical dimension of the election.

At the polling stations representatives for the political parties were given full opportunity to be present and observe the polling at each station.

The newspapers, although only covering 5% of the public. were critical and informative during the campaign.

It was the judicial system who decided the fate of the surplus ballot papers.

There were no threats or physical blockades against the voters

The reason why the elections were not fair were:

  1. The public broadcasting focused almost entirely on the ruling party.
  2. Substantial problems with the transfer votes, among other things due to IT problems.
  3. Suspicion of discrepancies between the result as verified at local polling station and the result released from returning officer
  4. The president's use of state funds in his campaign (distribution of money and food)

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