Folkekirkens Nodhjælp


Preliminary Report on the Malawian Parliamentary and Presidential election

DanchurchAid has in the last two weeks been observing the Malawi Presidential and Parliamentary elections. The mission would like to congratulate the people of Malawi for the peaceful manner in which they conducted themselves during the period. We acknowledge that this will go a long way towards the democratization process in Malawi. The team also notes a number of problems and concerns in the electoral process especially in the areas of voter registration and the voters roll. It is hoped that the recommendations contained In this report will go a long way in addressing some of the issues raised.

The mission was covering the whole of the country and met with people from a broad perspective including the policy makers down to the villager. We were humbled by the reception we were accorded by everyone we met and that people went out of their way to provide us with information that we used to arrive at this report. We also appreciate the frank manner in which they shared information with us and this will certainly go a long way in informing this report and our findings.

Our mission as a team was targeted at ascertaining the general conduct of the election such that election and the environment surrounding it would be regionally recognized. in terms of the SADC norms and standards on elections, as acceptable.

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