The Initial District Environmental Action Suggestions (IDEAS) presented in this volume (NEAP Volume 2) have been drawn-up to analyse and provide solutions to localised environmental problems. The document will serve as a reference book for District Development Committees (DDCs), planners and local leaders. It is also aimed at creating awareness to the general public and educational institutions on environmental problems existing in a particular district.

The IDEAs have actions whose implementation demands active participation by local communities and non-governmental organisations (NGOs) besides Government's own initiatives. The timing or sequencing of activities can best be done by individual DDCs.

Production of IDEAs was participatory; nearly nine hundred people were consulted through eight three-day consultative district workshops where government agents, politicians, traditional authorities, journalists and representatives of non-governmental organisations, private sector and women income generating groups from all the twenty-four districts were represented. Through the workshops, local environmental problems were identified and possible solutions suggested. Each workshop produced a report on the proceedings, specifying for each district environmental problems and recommended actions. The reports were later analysed by District Commissioners and rapporteurs of the eight workshops. The workshop produced the basics of this document.

The production of this volume, as is the case with NEAP Volumes 1 and 3, was possible with the funding from the World Bank and the Malawi Government. The World Bank funded the NEAP Secretariat, the eight consultative district workshops and the workshop for District Commissioners and rapporteurs which analysed all the issues and produced this book.



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