Chapter Five: 


The implementation of the actions in this document as well as those in the NEAP Volume 1 is categorized by principal players thus:

  1. actions to be taken by people on their own;
  2. action to be taken by people with assistance from the Government or non governmental agencies; and
  3. actions to taken by the Government alone.
For the first group of actions, the general public will start implementing the actions immediately. In order not to lose direction, District Development Committees (DDCs) will give guidance.

This document, IDEAS, is only the first step in the production of individual District Environmental Action Plans (DEAPs). To do this, each DDC will convene a workshop to draw-up the plan. The workshops will be facilitated by the NEAP Secretariat. As the DEAPs are central to the whole process, the workshops should be conducted at the earliest possible opportunity.

After the DEAPs have been produced, and as a follow-up to the Consultative District Workshops conducted during the NEAP process (see NEAP Volume 1), the NEAP Secretariat will conduct training sessions in each district for district administration and extension personnel together with chiefs on environmental issues. The objectives of the training will be:

  1. to explain the contents of the NEAP;
  2. to instill the need for multi-sectoral approach in order to effectively address environmental problems; and
  3. to define roles to be played by various actors in the protection and management of the environment.
It is hoped that after the training sessions more people will have a better understanding of the NEAP and that should facilitate its smooth implementation.



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