Table 1.1: The nature and scope of legislation review required


    Table 1.1 Statutes and legislation on environment and natural resource sectors requiring reform.
Review process
Environment Management Environment Management Act (EMA), 1996 Resolution of technical issues; review- when sectoral legislation is updated.
Land use and Management The Land Act, 1965. Analyse policy and legal issues in the regulation of land use.
Fisheries Fisheries Management and Conservation Act, 1997. Study Fisheries Management and Conservation Act and develop subsidiary legislation.
Forestry The Forest Act, 1997. Study Forest Act and develop subsidiary legislation.
Wildlife The National Parks and Wildlife Act, 1992 Review and amend the National Parks and Wildlife Act 1992
Water The Water Resources Act, 1969. Investigate the feasibility of Malawi Lakes and Rivers Authority.
Waste Management and sanitation There is no principal statute, but the EMA (1996) gives power to promulgate regulations on hazardous waste to the Minister Review of policy and development of legislation 
Air and Noise pollution. There is no principal statute. Undertake study to indicate requirements for legislation 
Toxic substances and chemicals No principal statute But there is a proliferation of institutions claiming responsibility over this sector. Review of policy and development of legislation 
‘l’ransboundary Water Resources No statute but there is a SADC Protocol on Shared Water Resources Review of policies and legislation


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