The third multiparty presidential and parliamentary elections in Malawi were held on 20th May 2004. The elections were run by the Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC). Candidates from fifteen political parties and various independents contested, featuring five presidential candidates. The 2004 electoral processes, results of the elections as released by the Malawi Electoral Commission and reports are presented in these pages. Disclaimer.   © Malawi SDNP

MEC Press Release: May 21, 2004
Cabinet of 13th June 2004
MEC Chairman speech on election results, May 23, 2004  


- Fellow Commissioners
- Representatives
- Heads and Representatives of Foreign Missions
- Members of the Civil Society
- Chief Elections Officer
- Members of the Press
- Ladies and Gentlemen

I consider it an honour for the Commission to officially announce the results of the May 2004 Parliamentary and Presidential Elections.

Distinguished ladies and gentlemen, allow me, before I go any further to give glory to the Almighty God for being with us throughout the electoral process and the violence free election period. This is evidenced by the spirit of tolerance and love that reigned in our midst throughout the electoral process.

I now wish to proceed to declare the results of the 2004 General Elections. Let me encourage you to continue with this spirit of love. For the winners, I congratulate you and please celebrate peacefully. To those who have lost, I would like to request you to accept defeat after all in an election, some win some lose.

In this election the Malawi Electoral Commission registered 5,742,747 people.

About three million voted in the election.

The Presidential Election

There were five candidates contesting in the presidential race:

  1. Gwanda Chakuamba of the Republican Party amassed 802,386 Votes.
  2. Hon. Justin Malewezi who contested as an independent candidate and obtained 78,892 votes
  3. Hon Brown Mpinganjira of the National Democratic Alliance (NDA) obtained 272,172 votes
  4. Hon. Bingu wa Mutharika of the United Democratic Front obtained 1,119,738 votes.
  5. Hon John Tembo of Malawi Congress Party obtained 833,027 Votes.

Following this result, I Justice James Barnabas Kalaile Sc, Chairman of the Malawi Electoral Commission hereby declare, Honourable Dr Bingu wa Mutharika winner of the 2004 Presidential Elections.

National Assembly Elections

On the Parliamentary race, the elections took place in 187 constituencies out of the 193 constituencies. Polling did not take place in 6 constituencies due to various reasons that occurred after nominations before the polling date. These reasons will be furnished later.

The winners in this election will be in a separate document to be provided to you.

Appreciation to Stakeholders

Distinguished ladies and gentlemen, allow me at this point to express my thanks to various rolls players who have assisted us in the administration of these elections.

  1. The government of the Republic of Malawi for provision of funds and vehicles which we needed for the elections.
  2. The donor community in particular the UNDP, the British Government, the American Government, the German Government, the Royal Norwegian Government, the Swedish Government and the European Union for providing both finances, human resources as well as equipment which we needed for the elections.
  3. Accredited civil society organizations who conducted Civic and Voter Education to Malawians although they received zero or inadequate funding.
  4. The faith community that prayed for the success of the elections and ensuring that the elections are violence free.
  5. The Police and the Army for providing security and vehicles.
  6. The public and private radio stations for sensitizing the public on elections.
  7. The print media for taking time to sensitize Malawians on the electoral process and further popularizing the elections.
  8. NGOs for sponsoring monitors during the Registration and Polling phases.
  9. District Commissioners, Chief Executives of Assemblies and members of District Election Supervisory Committee who managed the elections on the ground.

Thank you for your attention.

Chairman, MEC.