Environmental Impact Assessment



Drainage and irrigation
Forestry and logging
Land development
Waste treatment and
Water supply
Health and population
Areas protected under
flora and fauna
outstanding scenery
Tribal habitats
Appendix B

List of projects for which EIA may be required

B.1 Agriculture/aquaculture schemes

B.2 Drainage and irrigation

  1. large-scale irrigation or drainage schemes
  2. drainage of wetland or wildlife habitat
B.3 Forestry and logging schemes

B.4 Industry

  1. large-scale industrial plants
  2. industries involving the use, manufacture, handling, storage, transport or disposal of hazardous or toxic materials
  3. breweries
  4. tanneries
  5. agro-industries
  6. pulp and paper mills
  7. lime plants
  8. cement plants
  9. smelters other than iron and steel
  10. iron and steel smelters
  11. petrochemical plants
  12. chemical plants
B.5 Infrastructure
  1. industrial estates
  2. major roads and highways
  3. major railway lines
  4. ports, harbours and lake structures
  5. airports and airport facilities
B.6 Land development
  1. reclamation and new land development
  2. refugee and resettlement schemes
  3. housing developments (large-scale)
  4. darns and man-made lakes
  5. urbanisation
B.7 Mining
  1. mineral prospecting
  2. mineral mining
  3. ore processing and concentrating
  4. quarrying
  5. brick-making
B.8 Energy generation, transmission and use
  1. thermal power stations
  2. hydropower schemes
  3. high voltage transmission lines
  4. major oil and gas pipelines
  5. biomass burning
B.9 Tourism
  1. major resort facilities and hotels
  2. marinas
  3. safari lodges and operations
B.10 Waste treatment and disposal
  1. municipal sewage: waste treatment plants, out-falls into aquatic systems, effluent water irrigation schemes
  2. municipal solid waste: landfill and incineration facilities, composting and recycling plants.
  3. toxic and hazardous waste: incineration plants, recovery plants (off-site), waste water treatment plants (off-site), landfill facilities, storage facilities (offsite)
B.11 Water supply
  1. ground water development for industrial, agricultural or urban water supply
  2. water withdrawals from rivers, lakes or reservoirs
  3. major water pipelines and canals
  4. cross-drainage water transfers
B.12 Health and population
B.13 Areas protected under legislation
  1. Forest Reserves, Game Reserves.
  2. National Parks
  3. Monuments and declared historical sites
B.14 Areas containing rare or endangered flora and fauna
B.15 Areas containing unique or outstanding scenery
B.16 Tribal habitats
  1. Cemeteries
  2. Ancestral shrines

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