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The Environmental Learning and Resource Centre (ELRC) is a place for development practitioners, decision-makers and the general public. It is a place to get together, network, and learn about the environment and natural resource issues. The resources and information available in the ELRC help and encourage partners in development to adopt holistic approaches to natural resource management and environmental rehabilitation activities. The centre is also actively involved in raising environmental awareness amongst the civil society in Malawi.

The ELRC houses a wide range of books, materials, reports, videos and other forms of information on:
Contemporary environmental issues in Malawi, the region and the whole world;
Community mobilisation and strategies for enhancing popular participation in projects and programmes;
Intergration of gender concerns into environmental projects of all kinds.

Most of the centre's books, magazines, periodicals, manuals, training guides and visual aids are available on a temporary loan basis to members of the centre. Non members are allowed to use the resources on an in-house basis only.

Besides the library, CURE staff assists you in a variety of other ways. They can help you find information on a specific environmental topic, give you the right direction and put you in touch with the appropriate co-partners; they can also help you organize and facilitate your special workshops on specific environmental topics.


The Publishing Unit

The ELRC has an in-house desk top publishing facility which produces publications that provide details and contacts that you need in order to network effectively with other NGOs and the rest of the development community in Malawi. Staff in this section can also assist you develop your own small pamphlets, brochures, bulletins and other environmental publications.

ERLC falls under the Co-ordination Department which holds quarterly Environmental Co-ordination Meetings - another fantastic opportunity to network and share ideas with important organizations and people interested in meeting to solve Malawi's growing environmental challenges.

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