Planning at
National Level
21. The Minister shall lay before the National Assembly a copy of the National Environmental Action Plan for approval at its next meeting after the commencement of this Act and the Minister shall thereafter review it every five years subject to approval by die National Assembly.
Purposes and
Content of
action plan
22. The purpose of the National Environmental Action Plan shall be to promote and facilitate the integration of strategies and measures for the protection and management of the environment into plans and programmes for die social and economic development of Malawi. 
Planning at
district level
23. The district environmental action plan prepared under section 19 (a) shall— 
  1. be in conformity with the National Environmental Action Plan; 

  3. identify environmental problems in Me district in question; 

  5. be approved by Me Minister on the recommendation of the Council

  7. be disseminated to the public by the District Development Committee. 
No person shall implement a development activity or project in any district otherwise than in accordance with the district environment action plan for the district in question. 

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