The 2004 United Democratic Front Manifesto

Message from His Excellency Dr. Bakili Muluzi (PDF 469KB) Creating Opportunities for Employment (PDF 367KB) Advancing Gender Equality and the Vulnerable (PDF 519KB)
Empowering Local Communities (PDF 853KB) Focussing on Economic Prosperity (PDF 619KB) Consolidating Freedom and Democracy (PDF 427KB)
Guaranteeing Food Security (PDF 1MB) Resuscitating the Private Sector (PDF 481KB) Developing the Youth (PDF 407KB)
Delivering Universal Health Care (PDF 674KB) Investing in Infrastructure (PDF 529KB) Establishing a Secure Malawi (PDF 358KB)
Advancing Quality Education (PDF 804KB) Protecting the Environment (PDF 648KB) Promises (PDF 197KB)