1.0 Poor relationship between communities and schools

Neither local communities nor schools understand the relationship between "democracy" and "free primary education," and this misunderstanding (among parents, children, and teachers) negatively affects educational quality and community participation in school. Problems arising from this situation include:-

2.0 Negative Community reaction to circumstances

3.0 Pupils prevented from effective learning in school

4.0 Teacher frustrations

Arising from:

5.0 Lack of proper teacher orientation

Lack of teacher orientation to new primary curriculum leads to negative attitudes towards using it.

6.0 Lack of teacher training

Lack of training(of unqualified teachers) leads to problems such as:

7.0 Unclear Ministry of Education policies lead to misinterpretation at the local level


Some GABLE SMC findings regarding access to education still emerge as issues of educational quality. But most findings under SMC-EQ were unique to educational quality and did not directly affect access to education.