What is Chisomo?

Chisomo was set up in March 1998 by Living Waters Church with and for children on the streets of Malawi. It aims to help them develop to their full potential and escape dependency, promoting justice and enabling them to access their rights. It also strengthens the children’s families, resolving the root problems and enabling them to build good relationships. It helps them to generate enough food/income to meet their basic needs.



All  programmes are based on the children’s own identified needs and priorities:

Relationship building: Identifying new-comers on the streets, counselling them, and building close relationships of trust as a basis for all activities.

Family reintegration: strengthening relationships between children and their families, family counselling, and helping children to return home.

Education: enabling children to develop their potential through life-skills classes, and by registering and supporting them in government schools.

Income generation: business counselling and small loans to families for their basic needs; helping children in income generation, training and apprenticeships

Health: HIV/AIDS awareness, health education, first-aid and helping children use local health services.

Advocacy: protecting the children from abuse and helping them to access justice; and giving them a voice in laws, practices and decisions which affect their lives.

      At Chisomo we value:


1. First call for children - the holistic development of the child as our first  priority

2.  Long-term change - building the dignity, confidence and responsibility of the child and family in escaping dependency

3.  Justice - fair and just treatment

for all children, protecting them from abuse and enabling their

voices to be heard

4. Trust - openness and accountability in relationships to and from children, staff, board, donors and others; in finances; in information; and in ideas

5. God’s involvement - his love, wisdom, guidance and power in everything we do

6. Acceptance and love - shown through perseverance, flexibility, forgiveness, non-discrimination, and gender sensitivity.