Here are conferences that Chiku Malunga has addressed :

  • INTRAC International Conference on Civil Society – the Netherlands, Dec, 2008. Spoke on Challenges Facing Social Movements in Africa.
  • ICCO, Harare, September 2008. Spoke on CSO Leadership Role in Managing the Transition that Zimbabwe is Going Through
  • Commonwealth Heads of Government Conference, Kampala, Uganda, November, 2007. Spoke on Improving Leadership Effectiveness in African Organizations
  • ICCO, Harare, December 2006. Spoke on Social Accountability Efforts of CSOs in Africa
  • SNV, the Hague, Netherlands, July 2006. Spoke on Learning Leadership Development from  African Cultures
  • Global Development Network Conference in Kampala, June, 2006. Spoke on Using African Indigenous Wisdom in Capacity Building
  • Global Development Network Launching Conference in Bonn , Germany December 1999. Spoke on Challenges Facing African NGOs and the Role of Organisation Development (OD) in addressing those challenges
  • USAID, Annual conference in Washington D.C, January 2005, spoke on what makes a good NGO in today's world.
  • Global Development Network conference in Cairo in February 2005. Spoke on Using African Proverbs as a tool for Organisational Capacity Building

Bringing African Indigenous Wisdom To Organisational Development