MALAWI SDNP: IPv6 DEPLOYEMT ... test bed in 2005  

The main objective of Malawi SDNP is to assist with development of Internet and information services in Malawi with emphasis on sustainable development.

We are pioneering IPv6 development and deployment in Malawi and we present some details here with the aim of informing and educating Malawians with emphasis on ISPs in Malawi, regulators, academics and other network operators. You need IPv6 and soon you will not be able to do without it, and we are making sure that Malawi will have adequate capacity to deploy IPv6 when needed.

We invite you to test our IPv6 sites, e-mail, connection etc as shown below.

The addresses currently being used for numbering computers and devices on the are running out. The numbering currently being used is called IPv4 which stands for "Internet Protocol Version 4" which was developed in the 70's. In order to satisfy the ever increasing demand for addresses, a new Internet numbering scheme is being pioneered, developed and deployed. Malawi SDNP is participating in this development and testing of the new protocol. You can find details of where to get details on these here as below.

Malawi SDNP, with the aim of advancing the future of the Internet in Malawi, has successfully acquired IPv6 address space from ARIN, in addition to our acquired IPv4 address space. Malawi SDNP is the first to obtain IPv6 address space in Malawi and we are developing the first IPv6 network in Malawi This address space that we currently have as allocated by an RIR (ARIN) to Malawi SDNP is as follows:

IPv6: 2001:4820::/32      which is explained in detail here.


Malawi SDNP, as is an licenced ISP in Malawi, provides Internet services to companies, government, other organisations and individual in Malawi using all the available networking technologies including dial-up, leased lines, wireless, VSAT etc. We are developing and operate one of the largest websites on Malawi, with extensive links and access through search engines. More details, including contact details, are available at

We have now established an IPv6 test site for deployment of IPv6 infrastructure and services. A toplogical set-up of the test bed can be viewed here You can test drive our development site right away whether you are on LINUX or Windows.. Further details on IPv6 covering Linux+IPv6-HOWTO or Windows explanation or Cisco's ABC of IPv6 are available on today's Internet.

You can test our IPv6 connection on the following:

Malawi SDNP advancing the future of the Internet in Malawi & yours too!