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Human Rights and HIV/AIDS campaign
Human Rights Awareness Campaign
Eradicating Violence Against Women in Schools
Paralegal Services
Capacity Building Trainings

Human Rights and HIV/AIDS Campaign
An Awareness and Action Project,targeting two districts in the Northern part of Malawi:Mzuzu and Nkhata-bay.The project focuses on creating mass awareness on Human Rights and the rule of law, mobilising and supporting communities action to respond to violations and abuse through advocacy, counselling to victims and referr to institutions that provide redress. The project also helps reduce the spread of HIV/AIDS, and encourage moral behaviour. 

In its campaigns the project demonstrates to the communities the link between Human Rights and HIV/AIDS. The project is supported by CORDAID-Netherlands.

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Human Rights Awareness Campaign
An Awareness and Action Project. The project focuses on creating mass awareness on Human Rights and the rule of law, mobilising and supporting community action to respond to violations and abuses through advocacy, counselling to victims and referral to institutions that will provide redress. It is a three-year project in Mchinji district. The project is supported by Open Society.
Human Rights Drama
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Eradicating Violence Against Women In Schools
Eradicating Violence Against Women
Women's Voice is currently running this project which is creating awareness to the extent of violence against women in schools and how best to eradicate it. Of concern is the issue of increasing violence against girl child, her persistence and performance/achievement in school. The project also encourages teachers and students to form gender clubs schools which will be responsible for monitoring Human Rights violation in schools and of course encourage equal participation. 

The project is supposed by Canadian Teachers Federation(CTF) 
The pilot districts are Chiradzulu, Mchinji and Nkhatabay.

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Paralegal Services
    Paralegal programme is designed  to empower community leaders at grassroot level with knowledge in law and human rights. 
Women's Voice has fourteen community-based paralegals in the four districts of Nkhatabay, Mzuzu, Mchinji and Chiradzulu. The paralegals offer basic paralegal services that is providing basic legal information to the rural community, monitoring human rights violations and assist survivors of Human Rights abuse.

The project was initiated by Match International Centre (Canada) who supported us financially to train these paralegals.


Through training, paralegals have skills to deal with social problems without recourse to courts of laws. They are able to act as the eyes and ears of the  community.

Women's Voice Paralegals

 Women's Voice Paralegals also give legal aid services to those whom by indigence or any other reason cannot afford the lawyer fee on the market by referring to appropriate institutions that will provide redress. 
     Paralegal service challenge is that paralegals operate clinics from their own homes. 

Capacity Building Trainings
There is a vital absence of women in leadership positions. the reasons for these include low education to many women, hindrance by traditional culture, men's monopoly and absebce of preparations for women to take up leadership roles.Women's Voice conducts leadership trainings to build up a nursery for women leaders across the country.

The trainings cover campaign strategies, public speaking, fundraising and working with people in identifying and solving problems.

In order to build capacity national wide in the communities Women's Voice identifies women from different walks of life and trains them in areas of constiution, statutory laws of Malawi and women's rights. These trainings have so far targeted women traditional leaders, teachers, opinion leaders, social workers, the youth and men.

Women's Voice also targets women parliamentarians. Trainings are organised to strengthen their capacity and skills as development managers. The women Members of parliament are equipped with skills of responding to the needs of the electrorates and sensitised in gender and development.

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