First Year Course Outlines

Law 110: Legal System and Method
The course is intended to introduce students to basic legal structures, concepts and techniques and to provide the legal background that students will need throughout their legal studies and afterwards as practitioners. The course deals, inter alia, with the courts, the legal profession, sources of law, statutory interpretation, and legal research and learning techniques.
3 hours lectures per week.

Law 120: Constitutional and Administrative Law
The aim of the course is to acquaint students with knowledge of the principles and the main features of the 1994 Malawi Constitution. Administrative law is studied in a comparative perspective, and with the various forms and functions of public law in a changing society. The law relating to executive action is also considered, together with judicial control over the executive.
4 hours per week

Law 130: Criminal Law
The course is intended to cover the major aspects of criminal law in Malawi, considering in detail the most significant crimes. The course also looks at theories of punishment and sentencing policy.
4 hours lectures per week

Law 140 Law and Society
The course is intended to introduce the students to sociological theories of law, to introduce and evaluate ideas about law and to develop in the students an understanding of what is meant by the social impact and the social context of law.
3 hours lectures per week

Law 150 Law of Torts
The course is intended to give students a basic grasp of the law of torts, considering in detail the rules relating to trespass to the person, false imprisonment, conversion, detinue, trespass to land, negligence, nuisance, and strict liability, amongst others.
4 hours lectures per week