Key Personnel
  The Ministry  
1. Hon. Peter H. Fachi, S.C., LLB (Mw, 1972) Minister of Justice and Attorney General
2 Steve D. Matenje, LLB (Hons) (Mw, 1980), MA (Bus. Law, )(Lon, 1988), Dip. Int. Law (Lon., 1983), Cert. Leg. Draft. (Commonwealth, 1986) Solicitor General and Secretary for Justice
3.   Chief Law Clerk (vacant)
4. P.K. Hara,  Senior Law Clerk
5. P. Mpweya Librarian
6. Michael M. Matola Principal Secretary, Administration
7. S. A. Nyirenda Deputy Secretary, Administration
8.   Principal Administrative Officer (vacant)
9.    Principal Accountant (vacant)
10 G. K. Banda Principal Human Resource Management Officer
11. Mrs. C. Phiri Office Superintendent
  Directorate of Prosecutions  
12. Farhad A.U. Assani, LLB (Hons.) (Mw, 1984) Director of Public Prosecutions
13. Joseph Manyungwa, LLB (Hons) (Malawi) Deputy Chief State Advocate
14 B. F. Tembo Senior Law Clerk
  Drafting Section  
15. Anthony D. Kamanga, LLB(Mw, 1978), LLM(Toronto, 1982);  Dip. Leg.  Draft.(Ottawa, 1993) Chief Parliamentary Draftsman
16. Kenyatta K. Nyirenda, LLB(Hons)(Malawi, 1984), LLM(Malta, 1989) Assistant Chief Parliamentary Draftsman
17. Gertrude Lynn Hiwa, LLB(Hons)(Malawi, 1984), LLM( Leg. Draft.) (West Indies, 1989) Assistant Chief Parliamentary Draftsman
18. Patrick R.F. Kauye Law Revision Officer
19. D.E. Chalira Bill Transcriber
  Civil Litigation Section  
20.   Chief State Advocate (vacant)
21. Geofrey Nkhata, LLB(Malawi, 1983), Dip. in Cadastra(Land Management)  (Lon., 1987), Dip. Land Law(Reading, 1992) Senior Deputy Chief State Advocate
22. S.B.L. Mponela Senior Law Clerk
  State Advocate Chambers (Blantyre)  
23. Mc lean Kamwambe, LLB(Malawi, 1978)  Chief State Advocate
24. Guston Mwenelupembe, LLB(Hons)(Malawi) Deputy Chief State Advocate(currently on study leave in the UK)
  Legal Aid Department  (Lilongwe Chambers)
25. Bruno Kalemba, LLB(Hons)(Malawi, 1995) Deputy Chief Legal Aid Advocate
26.   Blantyre Chambers
27. Wezi Kayira, LLB(Hons)(Malawi), LLM(USA) Chief Legal Aid Advocate
28. Luke Gama, LLB(Hons)(Malawi) Assistant Chief Legal Aid Advocate
  Registrar Generalís Department  
29. Vincent J. Mzumara, LLB(Hons) Registrar General (currently on study leave in Australia)
30. Tony S. Chapambali Assistant Registrar General
  Administrator Generalís Department  
31. Barnet Makwinja, LLB(Hons) Administrator General
32.   Deputy Administrator General (vacant)
33.   Assistant Administrator General (vacant)

Former holders of key officers since independence in 1964


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