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ambali.jpg (4158 bytes) One of the challenges facing the Department is lack of professionally trained and experienced staff. Despite this problem, the Department is doing everything possible to train its staff and have some of the existing vacancies filled as soon as possible. Meanwhile he staff compliment for core staff is as follows:

Mr. O. W. Ambali
Acting Director

Acting Director/Senior Librarian Ambali, O.W.  
Records Management Officer Thaulo, J.S
Archivist-Historical Manuscript Kamanga, E.Y.Z. 
Archivist – Public Archives Kaposa, H.G.
Records Management Officer Lihoma, P
Assistant Librarian Gondwe, S.S.
Assistant Archivist Kadongola, E.B.
Assistant Archivist Chilanga, A.J.
Senior Photo Processor Msiska, O.K.
Senior Clerical Officer Kasusu, S.K.
Senior Clerical Officer Kasanga, F.L.M.
Archives Assistant Kalimbuka, M.J. 
Archives Assistant Mwantobe, C.T.S.
Library Assistant Mtakulamusi, I.E
Photo Processor Billiati, T.S.M
Book Binder Chagwayapa, C.B.T.


Copyright 2001, The National Archives of Malawi