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  1. The Search Room is open to researchers from 8:00am to 11:45am and 1:00pm from Monday to Friday, and also on Saturdays from 8:00am to 11:30 am upon request but closed on Sundays and public holidays.

  2. On first admission, all researchers will be required to sign a declaration with the National Archives. The National Archives. The declaration also indicates the acceptance of, and agreement to abide by the Search Room rules.

  3. All researchers must sign the visitors’ book indicating their names and full addresses each day they come to use the Search Room.

  4. Umbrellas, briefcases, bundles and bags are not allowed in the Search Room. These must be left at the Reception Desk. Ladies small bags may be allowed in at the discretion of the Search Room Attendant

  5. All aids (inventories, catalogues, lists, guides, indexes, etc) in the Search Room are available to researchers without restrictions.

  6. Researchers are not allowed into repositories unless special permission has been granted.

  7. A duplicate document request form must be completed for each item required and be placed in the designate box in the Search Room.

  8. Researchers may consult three items at a time, although up to twelve may be ordered. The Search Room Attendant may withhold any document from production at his discretion.

  9. No item or document may be removed from the Search Room and items requested are not transferable. Researchers are not allowed to use their friends to browse through the files/documents on their behalf

  10. All documents must be returned to the Search Room Attendant who will check them and satisfy himself that they have been returned in good condition and are the correct ones before the researcher is allowed to leave Search Room

  11. The use of ink, ball-pens and felt pens is not allowed. Only pencils may be used. Typewriters or tape recorders may not be used in the Search Room, however a room for the use of such equipment may be provided elsewhere within the building.

  12. All documents must be used with care. No marking or dog-earing is allowed. Researchers must not lean or rest on papers, notebooks or any other writing materials on a document they are reading. Tracing may be carried out only with the permission of the Search Room Attendant and only a transparent sheet of paper must be used.

  13. Smoking is not allowed in the Search Room. Researchers may eat, drink and smoke while in the Reception area

  14. Silence in the Search Room must be observed. No noise in and around the Search Room is allowed.

  15. Permission to photocopy, photograph or scan any document, map picture must first be obtained from the Director. Photocopying facilities are available on the premises at a small fee as determined from time to time.

  16. No documents will be produced or photocopies made within half an hour prior to closing time.

  17. Documents required for Saturday morning must be ordered by 3.00 p.m. on Friday. Only 12 items may be ordered.

  18. Any researcher who wishes to publish a work resulting from consultation of documents in the National Archives of Malawi should first obtain pre-publication approval from the Government.

  19. The Director of the National Archives of Malawi reserves the right to withhold permission to consult any or all documents, and also empowered to exclude from the National Archives any researcher who does not comply with these regulations..


Copyright 2001, The National Archives of Malawi