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ambali.jpg (4158 bytes)The first National Bibliography covering the two Rhodesias and Nyasaland was published in 1963 under the title "List of Publications Deposited in the Library of The National Archives" and it recorded the publications received in 1961. After the dissolution of the Central African Federation the first Malawi National Bibliography, listing Malawian imprints only, appeared in 1965 and 1966 in mimeograph form under the title "List of Publications Deposited in the Library of the National Archives." The bibliography has since 1967 been produced annually or in cumulations of two to three years.

The last edition of the Malawi National Bibliography was the issue of 1994 which carried the issues of 1984 - 1990. This edition lists Malawian imprints covering the period 1991 - 1996. Although the bibliography is not fully comprehensive in coverage, it is hoped that it will still be a useful bibliographic tool to some African librarians.

The compiler of the bibliography would like to thank all publishers who complied with the requirement of the Printed Publications Act by depositing a copy of their publications in the National Archives Library which made it possible for the bibliography to be published. The Librarian also regrets to announce the death of Mr. Dick D. Najira who passed away on 5th May, 1996 and has been the editor of the bibliography for the past 11 years, may his soul Rest In Peace.



O. W. Ambali


Copyright 2001, National Archives of Malawi