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Application for Ticket of Admission to Search Room
1. Surname
First Name
Other Names


Passport Number

3. Local Address
4. Permanet Address
5. Name and Address of Institution or Organization to which you are attached

Name and address of person in Malawi to whom reference may be made


Nature and purpose of research project (give details of scope and period)


Purpose of Project (eg M.A./Ph.D. thesis,book, article)


Expected duration of research in the National Archives of Malawi


1. I understand that I have been granted access to archives and records up to in the custody of the Archivist for Malawi, strictly on the condition that the final draft of any written materials I produce which contains information derived from any of these documents must be submitted to the Malawi Government for approval.

2. I understand that I must not divulge any information gained by me from official documents to any unauthorized person, orally or in writing without the previous sanction of the Malawi Government. I understand also that these provisions apply not only for the period during which I am allowed access to official documents in the custody of the Archivist for Malawi but also afterwards.

3. I undertake to abide by the rules and regulations of the National Archives.

4. I shall cause to be delivered, at my own expense, one copy of any work which may result from my research, to the Archivist for Malawi within two months of the date of completion.


Copyright 2001, The National Archives of Malawi