Reports and Other Documents

Issues Papers


1 Review of the  Admission aspect of the Legal Education and Legal Practitioners Act   2001
2 Right of Appeal in Criminal Proceedings, Police Supervision after Sentence of Imprisonment   May 2001
3 Child Rights Related Laws    2002
4 Overview and Issues of Gender-Based Law Reform in Malawi   April 2003
5 Review of the Constitution   March 2006
6 Trafficking in Persons   July 2007

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Discussion Papers


1 People with disabilities and the Law in Malawi (Review of the Handicapped Persons Act)  2001
2 Citizenship and Immigration Law in Malawi  2002
3 Child Justice and Child Care and Protection  2003
4 Human Rights Under the Constitutuion of Malawi  June 2006
5 Character of the Legislature Under the Constitution of Malawi, 1994   June 2006
6 Electoral Systems and Management of Elections in Malawi  May 2006
7 The Constitution and the Executive Branch of Government  June 2006
8 Constitutional Institutions and Other Oversight Bodies  May 2006
10 The Constitution and the Judiciary  June 2006
11 Amendments to the Constitution and the Preservation of its Sanctity  June 2006
12 HIV and AIDS Legislation in Malawi  February 2007
13 Declaration of Assets, Liabilities and Business Interest of Public Officers  2007

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Research Papers


1 Child Rights Related Laws  2001
2 The Impact of Insolvency Laws on Private Sector Development  2002
3 Human Trafficking in Malawi  2005

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Reports Year


1 Review of Certain Laws on Difilement, Marriage, Affirmation and Citizenship  1996  1997
Penal Code, Criminal Justice Reform Commission, Report on the  2000
3 Technical Review of the Constitution  Nov 1998  2001
5 Report on the Censorship and Control of Entertainment Act  2001
6 Report on Review of the Army Act  2001  2004
7 Report on Censorship and Control of Entertainment Act  2004
8 Legal Education and Legal Practitioners Act, Report on  2004
9 Report on Corrupt Practices Act  2002  2004
10 Police Act, Review of  July 2003
11 Criminal Procedures and Evidence Code, Review of  Dec 2003
12 Criminal Justice Reform on Conversion of Fines  Dec 2004  2005
13 Wills and Inheritance Act, Review of  Jan 2004
14 Legal Aid Act, Review of  July 2005
15 Children and Young Persons Act Review, Review of  Dec 2005
16 Land Review Report
17 Laws on Marriage and Divorce, Review of  June 2006
18 Traditional Courts Act
19 Constitution, Review of
20 Development of HIV and AIDS Legislation
21 Declaration of Assets, Liability and Business Interest


22 Education Act  2008
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Research Papers


Gender-based Law Reform in Malawi, Overview and Issues of

Human Trafficking in Malawi, Research Paper

Citizenship and Immigration, Issue Paper

 Handcapped Persons, Discussion Paper on the Review of

Child Care and Protection, Discussion Paper on

Legal Aid in Malawi: A Discussion Paper

Constitutional Review: Issues Paper

Constitutional Review: Consultation Paper

Witchcraft Act Review: Issue Paper Download (PDF)