Development of Legislation on Assets Declaration by Public Officers

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Appointment of a Special Law Commission to develop Legislation on Declaration of Assets and Liabilities by Public Officers


The Malawi Law Commission, with funding from USAID/Malawi Millennium Challenge Programme, intends to develop legislation on Declaration of Assets by Public Officers to supplement the current constitutional provisions on Declaration of Assets.

Pursuant to this, the Law Commissioner in consultation with the Judicial Service Commission has appointed individuals to constitute a special Law Commission to carry out this task. The factors considered in the appointment of these individuals include expertise, personal skills and personal attributes and in-depth understanding of public accountability issues.

Below is the list of the appointed Commissioners-

 1. Mr. Kenyatta Nyirenda - Ministry of Justice and Constitutional Affairs
 2. Mrs. M.M. Katopola - Clerk of Parliament
 3. Justice A.K. Tembo - Judiciary
4. Mr. V. Beza - Society of Accountants in Malawi 
5. Mr. R.A. Kampanje - Ministry of Finance
6. Mr. Rafiq Hajat - Institute for Policy Interaction
7. Mr. G.J. Kayanula - National Audit Office
8. Mr. V.C. Banda - Anti-Corruption Bureau
9. Mr. Alick Msowoya - Malawi Law Society

Terms of Reference

The special Law Commission shall develop and adopt its Terms of Reference at the first meeting and shall announce its work plan.

Call for submissions

The Law Commission is therefore inviting oral or written submissions from the general public on any matter pertaining to Declaration of assets by public officers.

The submission should be sent to the Malawi Law Commission at the following address-

Malawi Law Commission
Filimoni House
Private Bag 373

Tel: 01 772 822/841
Fax: 01 772 906

For the attention of: Allison Mbang’ombe or Austin Msowoya

Dated the 6th day of Februay, 2007

Allison Mbang’ombe
Deputy Chief Law Reform Officer

(File No. LC/01/60)