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About Us

The Law Commission is an independent institution established under Chapter XII of the Constitution with powers to review and make recommendations relating to the repeal and amendment of laws for conformity with the Constitution and applicable international law and such other powers and functions as are conferred on it by the Constitution and any other Act of Parliament. Matters relating to the functional operation of the Law Commission are provided for under the enabling Law Commission Act (Cap. 3:09) enacted in 1998


Mission Statement

To provide expert advice to government on law development and reform.



To become an expert provider of advisory services on law development, reform and state of  the law in Malawi and beyond.



In pursuance of its powers and functions under the Constitution and the Law Commission Act, the Law Commission:

  • prepares its work programme annually in order of priority and publishes it in the Gazette

  • may invite the Attorney General or any Minister to suggest any matter for inclusion in its work programme

  • may conduct a public inquiry into any matter relating to law reform or development from any person or body

  • may consult with concerned parties or the public for purposes of considering matters for law reform or development

  • shall prepare and publish its reports and the necessary draft legislation

  • may prepare and publish law reports in collaboration with the judiciary

  • shall provide, when called upon to do so, legal advice to the public as regards the state of the law in Malawi and international instruments to which Malawi is a part



The Law Commission has, among other things, power to:

  • sponsor, support or organise conferences, seminars, workshops and meetings for the promotion of its functions

  • receive donations of funds, materials and technical assistance for the furtherance of its work

  • determine its own procedures for carrying out consultations and for the general conduct of its work