Information on Malawi Judiciary
Judges   Constitutional Mandate  (Section 9 )

The Judiciary shall have responsibility of interpreting, protecting and enforcing this Constitution and all laws in accordance with this Constitution in an independent and impartial manner with regard only to legally relevant facts and the prescriptions of the law

Mission Statement

To provide independent and impartial justice and judicial services that are efficient and that earn the respect, trust and confidence of society. 

The statement demonstrates that the key role of the Judiciary is to protect, promote and uphold the rule of law, democracy and human rights as enshrined in the Constitution. The Judiciary also aims at promoting socio-economic development and attainment of peace and security in corroboration with other stakeholders.


103.-(1) All courts and all persons presiding over those courts shall exercise their function, powers and duties independent of the influence and direction of any other person or authority. (2) The Judiciary shall have jurisdiction over all issues of judicial nature and shall have exclusive authority to decide whether an issue is within its competence. (3) There shall be no courts established of superior or concurrent jurisdiction with the Supreme Court of Appeal or High Court