Box 8.1 State of safe water at Chinsapo II


 Box 8.1 State of safe water at Chinsapo II, Lilongwe.

Chinsapo II is an unplanned housing area whose sources of water are typical of other similar settlement areas in the country. The main sources of water for Chinsapo II are; communal water points, private taps, hand dug wells, Lilongwe river and other streams.

It is observed that the limited access to water in the area is due to a combination of lack of government provision and affordability. The limited provision of safe and cheap water has left the door open to water entrepreneurs in the location (and outside of it) who can afford a tap, to sell water to those less fortunate.

Those who use water from the private taps at Chinsapo II complain that the charges at the private taps are too high and many households only use them at the beginning of the month when they have money. Owners of private taps insist on payment of cash for a pail of water and rarely give it on credit. Water costs are, as a result, very high forcing many people to use contaminated sources such as the Lilongwe river and unprotected wells. The river is very polluted, as the sewage from Likuni hospital upstream drains into the river and that is why many people from Chinsapo II suffer from diarrhea.

Hand dug wells are another important source of water for those who are far away from the tape and communal water points and other sources in Chinsapo II. However, most wells are unprotected and the water from some of them is said to be salty. 


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