Box 7.3 Integrating conservation with rural development


 Box 7.3 Integrating conservation with rural development in National Parks and Wildlife Reserves.

Notable efforts by the Department of National Paths and Wildlife in integrating conservation with rural development include:
  • border zone (buffer zone) development projects in Nyika National Park and Vwaza Wildlife Reserve, where about 30% of the total earnings from eco-tourism, hunting, or sales of wild animals will be given to rural communities for development purposes; 
  • allowing local communities, both men and women, around wildlife protected areas to practice bee keeping inside protected areas; 
  • privatizing most of the tourist facilities to improve efficiency in their management, and to provide employment and revenue to communities bordering wildlife protected areas;
  • allowing border zone (buffer zone) communities around protected areas to harvest, on a sustainable basis resources, such as Saturniidae caterpillars, thatch grass and mushrooms. There are plans to allow the harvesting of medicinal plants.


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