ACB Agricultural Communications Branch
ADD Agricultural Development Division
ASA Annual Survey of Agriculture
CITES Convection on International Trade in Endangered Species
DAET Department of Agriculture Extension and Training
DAHI Department of Animal Health and Industry
DAR Department of Agriculture Research
DC District Commissioner
DDC District Development Committee
DEAP District Environmental Action Plan
DEVPOL Statement of Development Policy
DGS Department of Geological Surveys
DLV Department of Lands and Valuation
DNPW Department of National Parks and Wildlife
DOE Department of Energy
DOF Department of Forestry
DOI Department of Irrigation
DOW Department of Water
DR Department of Roads
DREA Department of Research and Environmental Affairs
DWASCO Dwangwa Sugar Corporation
EAD Environmental Affairs Division
EIA Environmental Impact Assessment
EIP Environmental Investment Programme
EIS Environmental Information System
ESCOM Electricity Commission of Malawi
FAO Food and Agriculture Organisation
FD Fisheries Department
FPA Focal Point of Action
FPI Focal Point of Intervention
GDP Gross Domestic Product
GIS Geographic Information System
GNP Gross National Product
HYV High Yielding Variety
IDEAS Initial District Environmental Action Suggestions
IEC Information Education and Communication
ITCZ Inter Tropical Convergence Zone
KEI Key Environmental Issue
LA Local Authorities
LRCB Land Resource and Conservation Branch
MEM Ministry of Energy and Mining
MEPD Ministry of Economic Planning and Development
MFNR Ministry of Forestry and Natural Resources
MOA Ministry of Agriculture
MOCIT Ministry of Commerce Industry and Tourism
MOCS Ministry of Community Services
MOF Ministry of Finance
MOEST Ministry of Education Science and Technology
MOHEA Ministry of Health and Environmental Affairs
MOJ Ministry of Justice
MOLMD Ministry of Labour and Manpower Development
MOWCA Ministry of Women and Children Affairs
NABW National Association for Business Women
NCC National Consultative Council
NCE National Committee for the Environment
NEAP National Environmental Action Plan
NGO Non Governmental Organisation
NSO National Statistical Office
OPC Office of the President and Cabinet
PI Project Ideas
PSIP Public Sector Investment Programme
TA Traditional Authority
SADC Southern Africa Development Community
TF Task Force
TFR Task Force Report
STA Sub Traditional Authority
SUCOMA Sugar Corporation of Malawi
UNCED United Nations Conference on Environment and Development
VDC Village Development Committee
WRB Water Resources Board
ZAB Zaire Air Boundary

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