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Technology dissemination

DARTS realizes that research without a purpose for its own sake is an exercise into futility. The department has therefore, committed itself to focus not only on the undertaking of demand driven research programmes, but also the active dissemination of technologies that currently are on-shelf and those that are being generated by its vast pool of scientists. Thus, the dissemination of technology hinges on many strategies, including:
  • Setting up of an Agricultural Technologies Clearing Committee (ATCC), which is charged with the responsibility of critically examining and approving the release of all technologies including varieties, cultivars, breeds, and management and control practices used in agricultural production, 

  • Establishing formal and informal linkages with the Department of Agricultural Extension Services (DAES) and NGOs that have an extensive network of extension agents throughout the country,

  • Publishing extension circulars, based on released technologies, a quarterly  AgriTech News and research bulletins that are circulated to a wide range of end - users and stakeholders throughout the country and beyond,

  • Setting up of numerous on-farm trials and technology demonstrations throughout the country.
  • Organizing general and targeted field days at major research stations and demonstration sites for groups of farmers and other stakeholders,

  • Holding of an Annual Scientific Conference that brings together scientists and stakeholders to review research findings and obtain feed-back from the end-users,

  • Publishing of Proceedings of the Annual Scientific Conference and the DARTS Journal that  provides detailed information on the technologies generated and

  • Developing the DARTS Website that provides information on the status of the Department as well as the various activities and technologies that DARTS is actively involved in.

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