Lilongwe Hotel 17TH SEPTEMBER, 1999

  1. There is an urgent need for an effective working Task Force to review information sources, content and standards to establish a comprehensive National Information and Communication Technology Policy as follows:

    1. The Task Force should be composed of representatives of the key sectors of the Information and Communication Industry including:

    1. Part of the terms of reference of the Task Force would be to examine the issue of human resource development and interface among sectors and to draw up Information and Communication Technology training standards.

    3. Task force would review the overall national Information Communication Technology policy process and examine the strategies and enforcement measures.
    4. The Task Force would develop a strategy for a national information network using the Internet based technologies covering sectors such as agriculture, commerce, health and education.

  1. There is an urgent need to strengthen training institutions by providing incentives for example reduction of customs tariffs on Information Communication Technology equipment.
  2. There is an urgent need for setting up tele-centres as a means of providing access to Information and Communication services to rural areas.
  3. Government should also consider:




The Government should consider the following projects for elaboration and implementation:

  1. Putting in place and implementing a National Task Force of Information Communication Technology
  2. Development of a National Information Communication Technology Applications Network
  3. Establishment of pilot tele-centres
  4. Setting up of an Advanced Information Communication Technology Training/Research/Development Centre.
  5. Expansion of public radio broadcasting.
  6. Introduction of Virtual Distance Learning Centres.
  7. Building awareness on Information and Communication Technologies at national level.