MALAWI COMMUNICATIONS LAW 1998                                                                      MALAWI SDNP
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                                            FIFRH SCHEDULE                              S. 89 (4) 
Tenure of  
office and  
l.-(1) A member of the Board of MBC (in this Schedule 
referred to as the "Board") shall hold office for a period of two years  
and shall be eligible for re-appointment, but the office of such member shall become vacant- 
(a),if he resigns; 
(b) upon his death;  
(c) if he becomes bankrupt;  
(d) if he is convicted of an offence punishable by imprisonment 
of more than twelve months;  
(e) if he is absent, without the consent in writing of the Chairman or without valid excuse, from three consecutive meetings of which he has had notice; 
(f) upon the expiry of the period of his appointment; 
(g) if he becomes, by reason of mental or physical infirmity, 
incapable of performing his duties as a member-, 
(h) if any circumstances arise that, if he were not a member,  
would cause that member to be disqualified for appointment as a member.
B. No. 17

( 2) A member of the Board shall not be removed from office except after due inquiry, and then only upon a decision in accordance with subparagraph, (1) by the appointing authorities. 

(3) A vacancy in the Board shall be filled by the appointment of another member in accordance with this Act and any member so appointed shall hold office for the unexpired period of his predecessor's term of office.

2. A member of the Board shall be paid from the funds of MBC 
such remuneration, allowances or other benefits as the Minister 
may, on recommendation of the Board, from time to time approve.
of members
3.-(I) The Board shall meet for the transaction of the Board business at least once every three months at such places and times as the Chairman may determine. 

(2) The Chairman shall convene meetings of by giving the members at least seven days written notice unless the Chairman notifies the members of the Board in writing that the urgency of the matter to be discussed requires a shorter period of notice. 

(3) The quorum for any meeting of the Board shall be a majority of the total number of members. 

(4) The Chairman shall preside at any meeting of the Board and, in his absence, the members present shall elect one of their number to preside at the meeting. 

(5) A decision of the Board at any meeting shall be that of the majority of the members present at the meeting and, in the event of an equality of votes, the person presiding shall have the casting vote in addition to his deliberative vote. 

(6) No member of the Board shall attend a meeting of the Board by representation. 

(7) Subject to this Act, the Board shall have power to determine its own procedure.

Meetings of 
the Board 


4.(1) The Board may establish one or more committees and delegate to any such committee such of its functions as it considers necessary. 

(2) The Board may invite any person to attend any of the meetings of its committees and such person shall be entitled to participate in the deliberations of the meetings but shall not have the right to vote. 

(3) The chairman of every committee shall be a person who is a member of the Board. 

(4) The Chairman of the Board shall, by reason of his office, be a member of every committee of the Board.

of the Board  



B. No. 17
60 Communications 

(5) Any member of a committee may be paid from the funds of 

MBC such allowances as the Board may determine. 

(6) Subject to the general or special directions of the Board and to the provisions of this Act, every committee of the Board shall have power to determine its own procedure.


The object of this Bill is to consolidate the law regulating the communications sector in Malawi. 

Attorney General
B. No. 17
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