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To implement the UN Joint Gender Policy successfully a concerted effort by UN Agencies is required. To achieve the intended objectives, there is need for the strategies to be built on existing strengths, opportunities and constraints to support institutionalisation of the coordination process. A number of events already favour the success of the implementation of the policy. Among the most notable features are the following:-

  1. There is a supportive environment shown by the commitment and interest of Heads of Agencies and Resident Coordinator of the UN System in Malawi.
  2. There is in place a working gender structure - i.e. the UN Gender and Development Working Group,
  3. Some members of staff of the UN Gender and  Development Working Group are already trained in Gender Mainstrearning,
  4. There are global mandates and policies on gender which govern all agencies,
There are also, some perceived opportunities which favour the advancement of gender issues among which are:-
  1. Commitment by all UN agencies in Malawi to adopt a gender perspective in developing Agency policies and programmes,
  2. Existence of a Gender Focal Point in each Agency,
  3. Similarities in agency programme objectives and activities. Particularly in programmes associated with Poverty Alleviation, Capacity Building, Food Security and Nutrition, Sustainable Livelihoods and Empowerment of Women, Advocacy and Networking which complement one another.
  4. Available local resources and management structures within the UN System, Gov6mment and Non-Governmental Organisations.
The above issues will mitigate against making gender a  lip-service activity.
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